Serious Barbecue

Serious Barbecue

Do you feel ready to take your BBQ to the next level? If so then this course is ideal for you. You will spend the afternoon learning about smoking meat, boning and butterflying a leg of lamb, spatchcocking a chicken and marinades, rubs and glazes, as well as some delicious sides. The cost is £89 per person and the course is bookable for between 2-4 people.

Lo 'n Slo

During the session we will pay a few visits to my Weber Smoky Mountain where the meat will have already been cooking for three or four hours. Obviously it is best to have a smoker, but I will show you how this classic BBQ technique can be replicated on charcoal or gas grills. The final hour will be spent tasting the delicious food we have made, and bring a bag as there will be plenty left to take some home!

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The cost for this class is £89 per person and is bookable for between 2 to 4 people. Book via the website or email to make arrangements. Payment is via PayPal.